Growing Character in the Men of Pi Chapter


Greetings from our Pi Chapter central support! Recruitment affairs continue to present challenges in greeting, meeting, developing the contact, and embracing the young pledge. Five hundred freshmen and sophomores present for fall 2014, a process with which all are familiar, but full-time employment among our members on committee would not be enough time to completely assess potential members. Well vetted candidates may still abruptly withdraw on occasion; but legacy candidates are given priority inspection. Competition among the Greek chapters at IU is intense!


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Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building men of principle for a principled life. Our brotherhood aids the individual, builds the Fraternity and strengthens the host academic institution through lifelong devotion to intellectual excellence, high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship.

"I owe an awful lot to Beta Theta Pi. As a student, I needed a balance of academics, sports, and a social life. Beta provided just that with an incredibly well-rounded group of men. It was during that time that I learned to adapt to new situations and different types of people, a skill that has served me well in all sorts of business environments."
‐ Ken Kaczmarek ’68



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